China's first home-built aircraft carrier completes maiden

China's first home-built aircraft carrier completes maiden sea trial 中国首艘国产航母完成海试 BEIJING: China's first indigenously-built aircraft carrier on Friday successfully completed its maiden sea trial and returned to its home port in Dalian,到2029年。

中国对军队现代化的追求也随之迈出了一大步,印度将会有5艘航母, China currently has two aircraft carriers. The first aircraft carrier named Liaoning,印度只好从其他国家购买成品,要是印度制造的航母下水了,。

which was launched in 2012, beating China in both numbers and dates 在莫迪领导下。


回到大连的母港,吹嘘印度潜艇多么厉害, Eric 1041 Eric - 1 day ago For China if she like it is very easy for her to build same aircraft carrier just like US. Reply 2 1 Flag 只要中国想, 印度时报读者的评论: 译文: 外文: Pradeep Singh 6251 Pradeep Singh - 1 day ago Our AC the construction of which was started years earlier than the Chinese one is still ''under construction'' with no date for its completion. This demonstrates our attitude and approach to project completion as compared to that of China. Reply 3 0 Flag 我们的航母比中国航母早开工几年,现在还在建造中。

India will have 5 carriers by 2029,第一艘航母叫辽宁号,加强了其海军在南海和印度洋的存在,2012年下水,当然也从中国那里 购买,中国已经有了2艘航母,是从乌克兰买来的前苏联航母进行翻新的, silent Indians silent Indians - UK - 1 day ago When Modi commissioned a 100 percent little French submarine with a Made in India label。

成千上万印度人欢呼莫迪, their so called indigenous carrier is still a rusting hull. No more shouting and bragging for Indians? Reply 2 0 Flag 莫迪为贴上了印度制造标签的法国潜艇举行下水仪式时,数量超过中国 , India wins India wins - USA - 1 day ago Under Modi, Indians would have flocked here to jump sky high. After 10 years,印度所谓的国产航母还是一个锈迹斑斑的铁壳。

10年过去了,轻轻松松就能造出跟美国一模一样的航母 Bhaskar Bhattacharyya 1428 Bhaskar Bhattacharyya - Kolkata - 1 day ago -Follow The allotment for research has dwindled in this regime. India will now buy finished products from other countries including China. Reply 2 0 Flag 印度这届政府,完工遥遥无期,中国首艘国产航母成功完成海试, was a refit of the former Soviet vessel bought from Ukraine. 目前, bragged about India INS. If this were a Make in India carrier,从中可以看出我们的工作态度, hundreds Indians praised their Modi,印度人会欢呼雀跃的, a major step in the country's quest to modernise its military and bolster its naval presence in the disputed South China sea and in the Indian Ocean. 5月18日。