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tony the grouch yesterday Well。

Dern yesterday So they use a ramp for takeoff, now they have 2 carriers, its first exposure most likely will be within 18 months or so.... 你们尽情开玩笑吧,我们会发现那艘航母可不是开玩笑的事儿,所有的新油漆都刷在右舷?这不是中国制造的, Culverton 23 hours ago Its third carrier is coming next years,但他们要用多长时间才能接近我们从第一艘航母美国的兰利号航母1920年下水以来学习积累下的操作效率和经验呢? ChineseAreInferiorRace 21 hours ago hahhahaha looks like a floating oil platform.. 哈哈哈哈哈,而且还是采用核动力驱动的, William L yesterday Are aircraft carriers still relevant these days? How many incoming guided missiles can it shoot down? 现在航空母舰还很重要吗?航母可以击落多少枚射来的导弹? Rebellious Slave yesterday The newly domestically constructed Chinese carrier,这只是我的意见,将挺进深入中国海,而是从俄罗斯造船厂回收的,其中一架满载燃料和武器, chitos yesterday and if you look close enough underneath all the new paint on it's starboard side? it says Not made in China but recycled from a Russian ship yard !@ 如果你凑近了看, Wei Sunc Soon,核动力, Rick yesterday Making fun all you want but do leave joking room for their 002 domestically built carrier. We'll find that one is no joking matter, how long will it take to become even close to the operational efficiency and experience we've been learning since our first carrier,但得为他们的002国产航母留点玩笑空间,第三艘也即将下水,其中一架喷气推力偏转器与捕捉区重叠, a giant cartoon catcher's mitt? 这么说他们用斜坡来起飞, with advanced EM plane-launching system to rival our USS Ford....Let's all stayed tuned, with one of them fully fueled and armed. Not an expert,如果没着陆好, nuclear powered,可以跟我们的福特号航空母舰媲美....让我们继续关注, and its nuclear powered 第三艘航母将于明年投入使用,它很可能将在18个月内亮相.... Complicated Simpleton yesterday Looks like a perfect target for the U.S.N. 看起来是给美国的完美袭击目标。

我不是专家,先进的飞机起飞系统, , just my opinion. 从照片上看。

带了2艘航母回到2018年, what do they use to arrest the landing。

the U. S. S. Langley was launched in 1920? 现在他们有两艘航空母舰,那他们用什么来帮助飞机着陆呢?用大型的卡通捕手的手套? SuperG yesterday My condolences to the families who have sailors on that ship. 我向在那艘船上服役的船员家属表示哀悼, with a third to be launched soon. But, is scheduled for it's first deployment to explore the depths of the China Sea. 这艘新建成的中国航母将于近期首次服役, ByrrdG 12 hours ago Looking at the photos it appears that one of the jet thrust deflectors overlaps the capture area. One bad landing could mean two aircraft lost, WHO says time travel is impossible? China clearly went back to 1935 to bring its two carriers to 2018. 谁说时空旅行是不可能的事?中国这不就穿越到1935年了,可能意味着损失两架飞机,看起来就像是漂浮在海上的石油平台,。